Sunday, March 25, 2007

Flap of the Month Club

This is the February flap for the Flap-of-the-Month Purse!

A valentine bobble flap! The design of this purse allows you to change out the flap each month (or more often) to suit the season or your mood!

The Club is simple. For $15.00 you get the original purse pattern and the current flap sent to you via email.

Then, once each month you get the next month's flap sent to you. It is set up on an automatic system and you will receive it the month before. For instance, the June flap will be sent the first part of May allowing you time to knit it up before June. If it is a holiday theme for a holiday that occurs early in the month it may be sent a bit earlier!

Each flap is designed to work with the basic purse and will attach to it interchangably! Some flaps will have a button closure, others will not-that will be part of the design!

Each pattern will come with a list of the yarn(s) used and other supplies as well as the gauge it was done in. You are welcome to change the yarn to suit your tastes but if you do PLEASE do a swatch to be certain that the gauge is correct!

Some of the flaps are felted like the purse. Others have yarns that are chosen that are not felted. I use only yarns that are available in most areas or online so you will not be left out in the cold! Some flaps are available in kit form (especially those with several colors because you won't need much of any color for a flap!) Those are offered separately to Club members!

Most Flaps are straightforward in design. However, flaps are an excellent place to try something new without commiting to a BIG project! And help from me concerning any directions will always be available!

I did my purse in a cream color, however you could easily do this in black or any other color to suit your taste.

If you have any questions about the Flap-of-theMonth Club, feel free to contact me here or at Email me! !


This is the beginning of my Blog site! I am starting it with the intention of having a place to display the knit and felted (and non-felted) purses I have designed! However, as with everything, it may evolve into other areas as well! Life is ever changing and this blogsite will probably reflect those changes as well!
So here I am and I will also post the purses I have finished the patterns for in case you are interested!
You will find the patterns (along with their prices) listed to the right. Designing purses is one way to create. And creating is a common thread throughout my life.
I also do photography-mostly landscapes and florals, which I offer for sale as well.
About me....I am a Realtor in the Sacramento Ca area. I have also been a midwife for the past 30 years, though I have not been doing as much of that recently. Strange combination I agree, but that is another topic for another time! They really have a lot of similarities!
I have four adult kids and 9 grandkids. Hard to believe! Life is full and exciting. I would love to hear about your life as well!