Saturday, September 8, 2007

WOW! Where did this summer go????

I got caught up in doing a great Bag exchange with a super "New" friend, Cathy, in Vancouver! My problem was I kept changing what I wanted to do for her!!!!
August is the last vestige of Summer so WATERMELON, of course!
Hence, the August flap WASN'T done in July as planned! Here it is, it did go out while there was time to finish it in August!
September is almost done so look for it in you emails!!!
I have plans for the rest of the year and a great set of ideas for next year as well! (Though your thoughts and ideas can always be part of flaps too!)

I will be doing a new bag for next year but rest assured this year's flaps will work on both! Imagine 48 different looks! I haven't settled on a shape or style for next year so if anyone has a strong preference let me know!

I can design anything based on even a photo idea! here's to the rest of the year!