Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ahhh.... the Holidays!

It's that time of the year and we all have WAY too many UFO! Getting those projects done for others leaves us precious little time to do something nice for ourselves! So, Decembers flap project is festive and quick!

It uses the Neutral Flap (instructions in February's flap) and is a wonderful Christmas tree that you can decorate (or not) to you heart's content.
We will be doing another Flap of the Month Club for 2008! It will feature a different bag (all new!) but the flaps will fit the 2007 bag as well! SO by the end of 2008 you will have 48 different looks to choose from! Yeah!
Have a blessed Holiday and stay safe!

Friday, November 16, 2007

November 2007-Last touch of Fall

Here it is November and soon the Holidays will be on us with full force! Here is a wonderful flap that incorporates two stiches that I have been wanting to try for a while. One is a leaf edging which I found very logical after the first two repeats and so was able to slip into a semi-automatic knitting trance! I will do three leaves across the botom next time! The center panel is a simple basket weave stitch. I picked up those stitches inside the bottom leaf section and then knitted up to the top and finished the connecting part of the flap...great fun and a super flap.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

October's Flap (2007)

Ahhhh, now we are having autumn weather! The leaves are changing colors and the ones near my house are lovely reds and oranges! The other new change is that the nurseries are stocking chrysanthemums! The Flower for October! So this month's flap includes both autumn leaves AND a crysanthemum! Enjoy!

September's Flap (2007)

Autumn--not yet feeling it here in Northern California but some autumn colors should help! I also needed a place to put my cell phone so that brought me to the idea of an extra pocket!
Have fun with it!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

WOW! Where did this summer go????

I got caught up in doing a great Bag exchange with a super "New" friend, Cathy, in Vancouver! My problem was I kept changing what I wanted to do for her!!!!
August is the last vestige of Summer so WATERMELON, of course!
Hence, the August flap WASN'T done in July as planned! Here it is, it did go out while there was time to finish it in August!
September is almost done so look for it in you emails!!!
I have plans for the rest of the year and a great set of ideas for next year as well! (Though your thoughts and ideas can always be part of flaps too!)

I will be doing a new bag for next year but rest assured this year's flaps will work on both! Imagine 48 different looks! I haven't settled on a shape or style for next year so if anyone has a strong preference let me know!

I can design anything based on even a photo idea! here's to the rest of the year!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

July...Fourth of July Celebration

Here is my intrepretation of a Fourth of July fireworks display AND the flag together! This is an easy flap..to give you time to enjoy your summertime activities! The pattern will be posted to subscribers by 6-15-07. Hope you are all enjoying the purse and flaps...send me photos and I will post them to this website!


Tuesday, May 8, 2007

June's Flap for the Flap of the Month Club

Here it is ...hope you are as excited about it as I am! Actually I realize that my love of June and Roses stem (pardon the pun) from being born in June (on my Mother's birthday no less!). This flap does appear a little more dificult but it really isn't hard! I am going to do a black purse to use with this flap as well!

On to July, whose ideas are swirling in my head as we speak!


Sunday, May 6, 2007

June--The Month of Roses!

Wow! I have to tell you I am REALLY excited about the June Flap! June is my birthday month AND the flower is Roses! They have always been one of my very favorite flowers so I decided to do a Rose Flap! Wait till you see it! It is now felted and drying upstairs! So you will have to wait till tomorrow!

It really wasn't hard to do and I am excited to share photos of it with you here! Those in the Flap of the Month Club will be receiving it in a day or so! I finished the flap in two days...(and that included the design time!) So don't panic when you see it...it only looks intricate!

Till next time!


Friday, April 20, 2007

See what is new!

Using the Neutral flap as a base we add a wonderful shamrock to celebrate!

Here we see it plain, for use in more formal times.

Then we see it dress up for St Patrick's Day.

How about Easter Eggs tucked into grassy yarn for April this year! Sweet colors and it makes a fun Easter bag.

And for me ---May---and a tribute to Monet and his wonderful impressionistic paintings of ponds and waterlilies.
I have used a yarn called Monet to interpret this in May's Flap.
I have added a dragonfly (and have an even better one on the way!)
Come back soon and see what more is in store for June, July and August! And join me in the fun of creating your own Month to Month Flap Purse! Join the Club!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Flap of the Month Club

This is the February flap for the Flap-of-the-Month Purse!

A valentine bobble flap! The design of this purse allows you to change out the flap each month (or more often) to suit the season or your mood!

The Club is simple. For $15.00 you get the original purse pattern and the current flap sent to you via email.

Then, once each month you get the next month's flap sent to you. It is set up on an automatic system and you will receive it the month before. For instance, the June flap will be sent the first part of May allowing you time to knit it up before June. If it is a holiday theme for a holiday that occurs early in the month it may be sent a bit earlier!

Each flap is designed to work with the basic purse and will attach to it interchangably! Some flaps will have a button closure, others will not-that will be part of the design!

Each pattern will come with a list of the yarn(s) used and other supplies as well as the gauge it was done in. You are welcome to change the yarn to suit your tastes but if you do PLEASE do a swatch to be certain that the gauge is correct!

Some of the flaps are felted like the purse. Others have yarns that are chosen that are not felted. I use only yarns that are available in most areas or online so you will not be left out in the cold! Some flaps are available in kit form (especially those with several colors because you won't need much of any color for a flap!) Those are offered separately to Club members!

Most Flaps are straightforward in design. However, flaps are an excellent place to try something new without commiting to a BIG project! And help from me concerning any directions will always be available!

I did my purse in a cream color, however you could easily do this in black or any other color to suit your taste.

If you have any questions about the Flap-of-theMonth Club, feel free to contact me here or at Email me! !


This is the beginning of my Blog site! I am starting it with the intention of having a place to display the knit and felted (and non-felted) purses I have designed! However, as with everything, it may evolve into other areas as well! Life is ever changing and this blogsite will probably reflect those changes as well!
So here I am and I will also post the purses I have finished the patterns for in case you are interested!
You will find the patterns (along with their prices) listed to the right. Designing purses is one way to create. And creating is a common thread throughout my life.
I also do photography-mostly landscapes and florals, which I offer for sale as well.
About me....I am a Realtor in the Sacramento Ca area. I have also been a midwife for the past 30 years, though I have not been doing as much of that recently. Strange combination I agree, but that is another topic for another time! They really have a lot of similarities!
I have four adult kids and 9 grandkids. Hard to believe! Life is full and exciting. I would love to hear about your life as well!